What sets Outer Cape Cod Cleaning Services apart for other cleaning services in the Outer Cape Cod region?

In a single word:


There are many good cleaning services to be found on Cape Cod that you as the owner of a rental property or as a rental agent can choose.

We believe that just being good at cleaning properties is not good enough though.

Outer Cape Cod Cleaning Services has been cleaning rental properties for over 10 years. We know what you expected as a property owner and more importantly by your renters.

Attention to Details no matter how small is the most important factor when cleaning your property as far as we are concerned.

It is the little details when doing a turnover cleaning on your rental property that sets us apart from other services.

We always have 2 or more cleaners assigned to each turnover cleaning we do.

It is vital that Outer Cape Cod Cleaning Services delivers a level of service we feel others do not, and you as the property owner or rental agent value highly.

Anybody can sweep or vacuum a rental property, what we provide though is our fanatical attention to Details - far beyond what other services do.

It is the many little details that we pay attention to when doing a turnover cleaning that helps ensure that your renters are happy and will want to rent from you in the future again and again.


Your rental clients are our most important clients.
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